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Alternate Roads to FAANG

Alternate Roads to FAANG

by Team Wyzr

Is an IIT, BITS, or NIT degree really necessary to get into the most desirable tech companies in the world?

Do you have to be a DS and Algo wizard to break into the product companies of your dreams?

How much does your background matter in your quest for excellence? And exactly what do you need to do to rise above the average?

This series showcases stories of techies who started at modest places but charted their way into the top product companies of the world. These would serve as an inspiration and education for young techies who aspire to do great things but are not sure if they're on the right track.

Their journeys essentially convey that no matter your background, college, IQ, or first company, there is a way for you to build the career of your dreams. Each of these journeys are different and unique, that's why these are what we call the 'Alternate roads to FAANG'.

Who should read this book?

Young or aspiring techies primarily, who are in college or in the initial stages of their careers, and dream to chart a career they can be proud of. Also relevant for professionals in more advanced stages of their careers and looking for ways to break away into the top leagues.


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